The Rise of Wake Forest: A Booming Suburb

Wake Forest is an ever-developing city established in 1832 which remains rich in North Carolina culture, from unique artwork to abundant recreational opportunities. Travelers and locals alike can explore something for every interest with the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, Hill Ridge Farms, and E. Carroll Joyner Park, offering interesting attractions and activities which are sure to create a memorable experience.

On February 24, 2022, Wake Forest stands as a rapidly developing suburb north of North Carolina’s state capital, Raleigh. The town began in 1832 when Dr. Calvin Jones of New England purchased 615 acres of forested property in Wake County and named it “Forest of Wake.” This land was then sold to the North Carolina Baptist Convention for $2,000, and soon after the Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute was established, which has since grown into the esteemed Wake Forest College.

Outdoor Attractions

Since its early development thanks to the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, Wake Forest has seen tremendous progress and growth. It was incorporated as a town in 1880 and removed “College” from its name in 1909. Now, Wake Forest offers plenty of outdoor attractions, art venues, and historical sites for travelers and locals alike. Whether it be the E. Carroll Joyner Park, with its restored log cabin, pecan grove, farm buildings, and three miles of paved trails, or the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, a 10,000 feet commercial space that puts on live performances, concerts, plays, recitals, and art exhibits, there is no shortage of activities to satisfy all curiosities.

Fun for the Whole Family

Bring your kids to Hill Ridge Farms for an unforgettable experience. Located on Tarboro Road, this farm provides a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun and explore. Enjoy a hayride or take a ride on the mini-trains, which are the main attraction. Interact with the goats, and let your kids jump around on the massive trampoline. Adults can enjoy educational tours of the vintage farm equipment and machinery. With something for everyone, Hill Ridge Farms will be a memorable experience.


Fun & Friendly Competition

Bring your family to the Smith Creek Soccer Park for a day of fun and friendly competition. With its convenient location and service to the community’s youth, this park has become a staple of Wake Forest. For those too young to join the soccer game, there is a playground with swings and slides. Afterward, take a break at one of the free-to-use benches whilst enjoying a picnic in the nearby charcoal grilling areas.

The Calvin Jones House: Wake Forest’s Oldest Home

Discover Wake Forest’s oldest home located at 414 North Main Street, the Calvin Jones House. Established in 1820, this house was the first of Stealey Hall in former Wake Forest College and showcases a variety of exhibits depicting the history of Wake Forest and Wake Forest College, as well as the Wake Forest College Sports Hall of Fame. Researchers can also access historical archives inside the museum, but only by appointment. The Calvin Jones House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2016, making it an integral part of Wake Forest’s history.

Quality Craft Beer and Much More

The White Street Brewing Company is a beloved fixture in the Wake Forest area, renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence. The brewery proudly offers an extensive selection of craft beers, including its signature Main Street Series and modern Side Street Series. Customers can stop by the taproom at any time to sample the delicious beverages. Meanwhile, The Factory is an all-in-one complex that provides something for everyone. Whether it’s soccer practice or music lessons for the kids, or shopping for a birthday present, The Factory has it all. At The Polar Ice House, you can host a special party, while The MVP Sports Soccerplex and The Factory Ballpark are perfect for active children. Even adults can get fit at O2 Fitness or find something fashionable at So You Boutique.

North Carolina General Assembly’s Initiative

The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, only 26 minutes away from Wake Forest, is an incredible testament to the state’s initiative to provide art for its citizens. In 1947, the North Carolina General Assembly became the first state legislature to allocate $1 million to purchase artwork, and the museum has not stopped growing since. It boasts the largest repository of Auguste Rodin’s works in the southeastern United States, thanks to the generous gift of 30 pieces from Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation. The museum also houses important artifacts from Jewish, African, and ancient American communities.

Six Terrifying Attractions

Experience the Thrill of Panic Point Haunted Forest this Halloween! Located only seven minutes from Wake Forest, Youngsville is home to one of the most feared attractions in the state – the Panic Point Haunted Forest. This Halloween season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get spooked at Panic Point! Brave adventurers can explore six main terrifying attractions, including a Haunted Hayride, a Menacing Corn Maze, and Killers in the Corn. Haunters with years of experience work to provide an unforgettable experience.

Marvel at Antique and Contemporary Art Pieces

The Little House Museum & Gallery in Rolesville, just 12 minutes away from Wake Forest, is a must-visit destination for those wanting to experience art and history in one place. This historic venue consists of four rooms, divided into two gallery spaces and two history exhibits. In the galleries, visitors can marvel at antique and contemporary art pieces, as well as gain insight into the creative process. The two history rooms are filled with artifacts, documents, photographs, and other objects related to the history of Rolesville, providing an immersive experience of the past.

Explore Nature, Try New Things, and Expand Your Horizons

Wake Forest is an exciting destination with plenty of opportunities to explore nature, try new things, and expand your horizons. From visiting the town’s parks and recreation areas to experiencing a horror park for the first time, there is something to suit everyone’s interests. So why wait? Book your Wake Forest getaway today and start discovering all that Wake County has to offer!

All types of adventures await in Wake Forest. Whether it’s a day spent visiting historic sites, immersing yourself in local art, riding tractors at Hill Ridge Farms, or participating in outdoor activities- visitors and locals alike can find something to satisfy all their curiosities. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience like a tour of historical vintage farming equipment or a simple good old way of fun—Wake Forest has it all. Come experience everything this unique town of Wake Forest has to offer.


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