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The market here is always changing and you need a professional who knows the market as it is today. Your selling and buying experience with me will leave you feeling cared for, listened to, informed and comforted. I strive to make your experience fun and exciting because after all, it should be! Despite what my kids say, I really have a great sense of humor and believe if it’s not fun, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing it! So contact me today and let’s get your decision to sell or buy started.


Wanting to Purchase a House?

No matter your timeline, if you are thinking of purchasing a home or ready to put in an offer today, I am your girl!

First time home buyers, experienced home buyers, whichever position you are in the home buying arena, I am here to be your guide, resource and skilled professional to help you get those keys and that real estate wealth! I promise, I will even make home buying fun!

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For Buyers

There are many loans that enable you to put less than 20%. Fear not!  Getting in touch with the right lender can help you make the right choice when choosing a loan.

Due diligence money is a fee that is paid directly to the seller in a real estate transaction and is due immediately after the execution of the contract. This is not a set fee, but rather one that is decided upon with guidance from your real estate agent based on the number of funds you have readily available.

Sometimes you may hear someone refer to this fee as “good faith” money, as it is a fee that you are giving the buyer directly to let them know that you are serious about buying the property. It can also be thought of as a down payment towards the purchase price of the home, as the due diligence money will be credited back to the buyer at closing. Due diligence fees are most frequently paid in the form of a wire transfer or personal check. Your real estate agent will be the one to pick up the check from you and deliver it to the listing agent, who will then pass it along to the seller. 

It is important to note that due diligence fees are non-refundable, assuming that the seller follows through with their promises in the contract. If a buyer decides to terminate the contract, they will forfeit this money. Once given to the seller, the money is deposited and will not be returned. If a buyer refuses to hand over the due diligence fee because they no longer want to buy the home, the seller can seek legal action against them to collect the funds. 

Our real estate market is forever changing. The market changes so rapidly that even information from 3 months prior will be obsolete. Please look to your real estate professional for we know the best market conditions. New articles, friends and family will not have the inside tract and can have outdated or misinformation created by hearsay.. Also, the market is different in certain areas. Atreas as close as a half hour can be completely different. The best way to really stay up to date with this is to have a realtor, myself, explain what is going on currently in your desired areas. With up to date knowledge and in depth experience, I can help you navigate the best price for your home and the best offer for a new one. 

“How amazing it is that I get to help families like myself plant roots here in NC.”

- Tracy Dupler


Selling Your Home?

I know you have questions and I have the answers and solutions!

Being positioned on the selling side of real estate and working for you will be the best first decision you make in the process. Concierge service and the utmost care to a worry free sale is my ultimate goal.

For Sellers

Buyers come to preview a home and look around as if they lived there. Minimal furniture and decor is always best, during the listing presentation and upon hiring me, I will advise on what degree of staging we should go with. I have a knack for decor, have home stagers to recommend and can work with any amount of items you may own. 

When multiple offers come in, my organized system will keep everything on track and you will know the second another is received. Things can get pretty hectic in a fast sellers market so you need me to keep things calm, organixed and in control. This way you can make the best educated decision on your buyer.

What can I expect selling my home with you as opposed to another realtor or company? With me, you receive the utmost level of dedication to the sale of your home. I am always accessible, I listen and execute according to your needs. My concierge level of professional care is seen from day one until well after you have sold your home. I go above and beyond not because I have to but because it is who I am and what I stand for. One appointment woth me and you will see the difference!

Are You Interested in Joining EXP?

Are You Interested in Joining EXP?

Are you ready to level up your biz? Have you been wondering what the buzz with Exp is all about? Ready to make more than 100% of your income? Then you are in the right place!! Join me on a zoom, phone call or coffee and let's talk about how I can help you become even more successful than you already are. New agent? That's perfect because Exp is astronomical for training new agents. 

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First-time home buyers or experienced sellers and purchasers, my specialties bring me to you for expert and concierge level service. I would love to meet you, discuss your real estate goals and execute with you to achieve your end result of selling or buying your next home.